Blue Mountains + Scenic World + Sydney Zoo

Duration | 10 Hours
Mobile Ticket OK

Join us on a journey to the Blue Mountains where the crisp scent of eucalyptus and tea tree fills the air. Our exclusive small group tour offers guests an opportunity to discover the enchanting landscapes of this World Heritage site, complete with entry to Scenic World and the Sydney Zoo.

As a World Heritage site, the Blue Mountains are a treasure trove of breathtaking landscapes, rich in natural beauty and cultural significance. Our tour offers an intimate and comfortable experience in our modern, air-conditioned vehicles, accommodating no more than 21 guests. From the architectural marvel of the ANZAC Bridge to the majestic Three Sisters at Echo Point, from the serene walks in the rainforest to the quaint mountain village bustling with boutique charm, our Blue Mountains day tour tour is a meticulously curated journey through some of Australia's most iconic and picturesque settings. Join us for a day of exploration and discovery.

Tour Features

  • The Three Sisters
  • Visit Scenic World 
  • Time for Lunch in Katoomba (own expense)
  • Cahill's Lookout
  • Visit Sydney Zoo
  • Sydney Harbour Ferry

Time for Lunch in Katoomba Village
Visit the Quaint Village in the Blue Mountains. Wonder through the beautiful boutique stores or enjoy lunch at one of the many cafes or restaurants (at own expense).

Scenic World
Scenic World in the Blue Mountains offers a unique and thrilling way to experience one of Australia's most majestic natural landscapes. Nestled in the heart of the Blue Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Scenic World provides visitors with an unforgettable journey through ancient rainforests, steep canyons, and rugged cliffs.

The attraction features a range of experiences that allow guests to appreciate the natural beauty of the area from various perspectives. The Scenic Skyway, the highest cable car in Australia, offers panoramic views of the lush rainforest canopy, the iconic Three Sisters, and the vast Jamison Valley. Visitors can also descend into the ancient rainforest on the Scenic Railway, the world's steepest passenger railway, and explore the forest floor along the Scenic Walkway, a raised boardwalk through the dense vegetation.

Another highlight is the Scenic Cableway, providing a spectacular journey with breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys. The Cableway gently descends into the Jamison Valley, offering up-close views of the unique flora and dramatic cliffs.

Scenic World blends adventure with education, offering insights into the area's rich history, flora, and fauna. The experience is family-friendly, with facilities and activities catering to all ages. Visitors can relax and enjoy refreshments at the on-site café, which boasts stunning views, making Scenic World a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to the Blue Mountains.

Sydney Zoo
Sydney Zoo, located in the heart of Australia, is a modern and innovative zoological garden known for its commitment to animal welfare, conservation, and education. This expansive zoo showcases a wide array of both Australian and international wildlife, offering visitors an immersive experience into the world of animals. From the iconic Australian kangaroos and koalas to a diverse collection of exotic species from around the globe, Sydney Zoo presents a unique opportunity to connect with nature.

The zoo is designed with state-of-the-art facilities ensuring not only the well-being of the animals but also an engaging and educational experience for visitors. It boasts spacious, naturalistic habitats that closely mimic the animals' environments in the wild, allowing for a more authentic viewing experience. Interactive exhibits and educational programs are integral to Sydney Zoo, making it a destination that both entertains and informs.

With a focus on conservation, Sydney Zoo plays an active role in global efforts to protect endangered species and their habitats. Through various initiatives and partnerships, the zoo contributes to wildlife conservation, both locally and internationally.

Visitors to Sydney Zoo can expect a family-friendly environment, complete with amenities such as dining options and picnic areas, making it an ideal destination for a day out exploring the wonders of the animal kingdom in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Sydney Harbour Ferry
From Sydney Zoo we will drop off our customers at the ferry where tour will conclude at Circular Quay at approx. 5pm.

Sydney Pick-up Times
We offer convenient pick-up from three central Sydney locations:

6.45am at Parkroyal, 150 Day Street, Darling Harbour

7.00am at Sydney Harbour Marriott, 30 Pitt Street, Circular Quay

7.15am at Sheraton Grand, 161 Elizabeth Street, Hyde Park




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Sydney Pick-up Times & Locations:
6.45am Parkroyal - 150 Day Street, Darling Harbour
7.00am Sheraton Grand - 161 Elizabeth Street, Hyde Park
7.15am Sydney Harbour Marriott - 30 Pitt Street, Circular Quay